Miss Fox and her world
Miss Fox and her world
This is my online journal which I choose to write in the hopes that somewhere out there someone will understand me. If you can find some sort of connection with me and what I write about awsome. If you cannot fathom how someone could think the way I do, then open your mind please. Also, if you know me personally and I did not invite you to this journal please leave now.
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I have had many people comment on my abrupt ending of my online writing, wondering where I am writing now and encouraging me to continue.

Here are some updates:

Carrie is no longer with us. I cannot believe she is gone. She passed on January 13, 2006. Just last night I stumbled across a note that she wrote about me. She said I was one of her best friends and that she loved me. It made me smile and cry a little.

I am dating a boy named Eric. He is a sweet heart. He treats me very good, cares about me a lot and wants to be with me and only me. He is younger then me (3 yrs.) and most of the time there are no problems with that.

BIG NEWS! I am in the process of buying my own place. A condo not super far from my parents place. I am not in love with the location except that it is still near my parents if I need something. I am such a baby sometimes! hehe If everything works out I will be living in a brand new 1 bedroom condo (everything inside is brand new!) mid july.

I also plan on goign to school for journalism in the fall. This is still to be determined of course. A lot of factors come into play when deciding on this.

Why am I not writing then if there is so much going on? Honestly, it is not due to a lack of time. I have the time to write. I still write at home, at work, when I am waiting, anytime I get...It is a problem getting online for me. And sadly it will only become more of a problem over the next while as well. See, I do not have my own computer. If I did my life in my online journals would be so different. I would write more often, and even post photos. Now, here is comes down to a request/plea. If you are one of the people who has enjoyed reading my writing and would like to support it, write me an email letting me know. Also, I would like you to think about supporting me in raising funds for a new computer so that I may continue to write, on a regular basis for the online public (you!). I know this may sound selfish, therefore please do not resent me because of it. It is only something to consider and something to think about. Think of it as a donation to a budding artist.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Miss Fox wrote at 5:26 pm